Maritime Training Academy Required Physical Fitness

Required Physical Fitness in Maritime Traning or Merchant Navy

The Ship Candidates or Merchant Navy Candidates is in charge or care of the ship. A deck officer starts his career as a Cadet, rising to Captain and those should be fit in physical fitness and health in terms of eyes, strength, allergies, and others. So you need to take a health check up regularly and maintain your fitness to live healthy and fit.  Below Sea Anchor Maritime Academy has shared some required physical fitness in Maritime Industry:

Minimum required physical attributes are:


Category of Seafarers Basic Visual Acuity Standard (unaided) Higher Visual Acuity Standard (aided if necessary)


Eye Better Eye Other Eye Better Eye Other Eye


Deck 6/60 6/60 6/60 6/60


Engineer 6/60 6/60 6/18 6/18
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