Get Certified Micronesia CDC Price and Verified Seaman Service Book

Get Certified Micronesia CDC Seaman Service Book

Get Certified Micronesia CDC Price and Verified Seaman Service Book


A seaman record book or “continuous discharge certificate” CDC is the continuous record of a seaman’s service. As per the INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION on STCW Micronesia CDC certifies that a person is a seaman. This is one of the most important documents of a person working in merchant navy. It also gives the legal authority to the person of being a seaman. We can get the overall estimates of getting this certified Micronesia CDC Seaman Service Book Price through the details

Significance of Seaman Book or CDC

The continuous discharge certificate CDC or seaman book as told above is a valuable document in merchant navy as it is the basic requirement for all the seafarers to carry with them the CDC certificate. It’s also the official & legal record of the sea experience. The officer of the vessel signs this document of the seafarers before they are signed off to certify their sea experience. A person only having this single document can be considered as a seaman. Along with this CDC certificate a passport, STCW-Certification are considered as the most important travel documents for offshore marine or shipping jobs. For applying in any port of entry around the world the seaman has required a CREW TRANSIT VISA also known as CT. SEAMAN BOOK is the compulsory document for applying for such transit visas.

Get Certified Micronesia CDC Seaman Service Book

Get Certified Micronesia CDC Seaman Service Book

Requisites for Applying the Micronesia Seaman Book CDC

  • Passport copy (first& last page scanned in color)
  • One passport size photograph (background scanned color)
  • STCW-95 basic courses certificates (PST, PSSR, FPFF, EFA OR BOSIET, HUET certification)
  • Medical fitness certificate as per IMO, IMAformat (scanned copy)
  • Basic bio-data containing contact information.

Format of Application for Micronesia CDC COC Verification

  • Micronesia CDC will at first receive the applications along with all required certificates on behalf of MISR as per the NATIONAL MARITIME ACT 1997 of the Federated States of Micronesia & STCW 2010 as amended.
  • Micronesia will verify the documents received by the applicants. Kship must verify the authenticity of documents submitted by sending emails, fax or online verification system (proof must be submitted).
  • In the event of any fraudulent document, Kship would inform the applicant therefore refusal or acceptance or ineligibility for the required certificate will be conveyed. Total fees in such cases will be fortified.
  • The authority issuing certificates must be an IMO white list country. Once the documents are reviewed by concerned RTM/RSO & upon approval the Kship will issue the eligibility letter to the seafarer.
  • After the issuance of the eligibility letter, Kship will request for the examination center approval Date & Examination to the regional technical manager or RSO via email requesting for an examination date & approval of the examiner
  • Micronesia will be provided with examination papers 24 hrs. Prior to an exam by the RTM/RSO. All valid STCW 1978 must be submitted by the seafarer to Micronesia CDC & Micronesia must ensure the authenticity of these certificates from the concerned maritime training centers.
  • After the successful completion of examination Micronesia may issue a Transitory Certificate (CT) to the seafarers which will be valid for 90 days, within this duration the full-time certificate will be issued by the Micronesia international ship registry-MISR.
  • A copy of CT will be submitted to the RTM/RSO by Micronesia CDC for processing of full term.
  • Micronesia has to maintain the records of all the processed files along with the answer sheets for audit purposes. In the case, of Course, Certificate endorsement required a separate application needs to be submitted.
Get Certified Micronesia CDC Seaman Service Book

Get Certified Micronesia CDC Seaman Service Book

The Micronesia CDC Price in India

Usually in INDIA the price of seaman book of Micronesia CDC Price between 10,000-15,000 INR. THE MICRONESIA CDC is also available in Jaipur with online Micronesia checker.

Apply For Merchant Navy CDC Travel Micronesia

  1. BALIZE CDC– The seaman book is issued only after the completion of STCW’95

It requires the following: scan copy of passport, 4 compulsory STCW, 2 passport size photographs, an official letter from the company if company promoted, and seaman book issued with Web Verification functional from 18:30 hrs.

Processing Time: 12 days

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  1. PANAMA CDC-same as above

Processing Time: 25 days

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  1. SAMOA CDC-same as above

Processing Time: 30 days

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