Join Merchant Navy as Deck Cadet with Sea Anchor Maritime Academy

Join merchant navy as deck cadet

Join Merchant Navy as Deck Cadet

Do you Want to join Merchant Navy as Deck cadet, yet are Confused how to do? Well, Here in this article you will find out and see how you can join merchant navy and more information about the basics to start and choose the right profile in Merchant Navy. Let we share some information about merchant navy in brief:

There are 3 Main Departments in Merchant Navy: Deck, Engine, and Galley.

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Along these Department, firstly you need to decide which Department you want to join i.e. whether you need to be a Deck Officer (or Rating) or an Engineer Officer (or Engine Rating) or a Cook. When you have decided, then you can continue further. Here I will speak just about Deck Cadet and in next article, I will share information about Engine Rating/Engine Cadet.

Deck Department has two sets of ranks, below you can find:

  1. a) Officers

  2. b) Ratings

To start your Career as an officer in Merchant Navy, you need to begin your profession as a Deck Cadet.

So Now Question is – How to Join or start Career as Deck Cadet?

Alright, so here below I have shared how you to take entry to start your career as a Deck Cadet. Following is the process and selection procedure need to follow:

Most importantly, you must have to pass your class 12 with PCM as your principle subjects. Your marks should be obtained no less than 60% in PCM, some organizations even request 70% in PCM. When you have cleared your education as required, then comes the second stage i.e. to apply for the examination and pre-sea training in organizations (whose names, workplaces, contact numbers you can discover on The Internet). When you have connected, organizations will check whether you are qualified or not, on the off chance that they discover you qualified they will call you for their composed examination and meeting. You can apply online for merchant navy here with us at sea anchor maritime academy.

When you clear these composed examinations and meetings then you will need to experience the Counselling session and you will be sent for a couple of months training process by Sea Anchor Maritime Academy.

Also, another thing is Medical, after the examination if your medical fitness found unfit or not clear then may be your admission will be rejected. The most thing in Medical of your eyes. If  you have color blindness, you won’t have the capacity to join Merchant Navy, You can take laser treatment if you wear glasses.

Finally, once you have completed your one year in Pre Sea Training preparing then your organization will send you on board for 9 months on board preparing. These 9 months can be partitioned either in 2 or 3 contracts relying upon your company. After finishing 9 Months of On Board preparing, you will need to experience a 4-month course and some measured courses after which you can show up for Second Mate Examination. This was a brief portrayal of the best way to start your excursion as a Deck Cadet.

Sea Anchor Maritime Academy Wish all of you to have an Awesome Career to Join Merchant Navy as Deck Cadet.

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